New engine models to be launched by Perkins Engine Company

Please be advised of the following imminent changes to our range of Perkins powered generator sets following Perkins announcemnt that some of their existing range of engines are to be phased out at the end of 2014 / start of 2015:-


Phasing out                            Replaced by               Manufacturing origin          

1006TG1A                                                        1104C-44TAG1                            Peterborough  

1006TG2A                                                        1104C-44TAG2                            Peterborough

1006TAG                                                           1106A-70TG1                              Peterborough                                  

1006TAG2                                                         1106A-70TAG2                           Peterborough                                  

1106C-E66TAG4                                              1106A-70TAG3                          Peterborough                                  

1306A-E87TAG3                                               1106A-70TAG4                         Peterborough                          

1306A-E87TAG4                                               1506A-E88TAG2                      USA                                                       

1306A-E87TAG6                                               1506A-E88TAG3                       USA                                                       

1606A-E93TAG4                                               1506A-E88TAG4                       USA                                                       

1606A-E93TAG5                                               1506A-E88TAG5                       USA                                                       


The new 1106A-70 engines will be available from Forest City from late November 2014. We have buffer stock levels of the engines being phased out on delivery schedule from Perkins to December 2014 but availability will be limited only to this stock.

The new 1506A-E88 is due to be available Quarter 1 2015